Feedback so far...

“It is a very dark little tale indeed.... A really bitter sweet film."
Phil Dale, Lead Animator on ‘Coraline’ andThe Corpse Bride’.

"The film looks really interesting. I would love to see it when it's complete."

Gris Grimly, Illustrator, Author, Film-maker, Mad creator.

"All the hard work, dedication and talent that has gone into making this film to come to life, is definitely worth it. I look forward to seeing the complete masterpiece."
Julia Stephenson, Founder/Director of Short & Sweet Film Festival.

“…your film is really quite arthouse!  I suspect you will have a lot of success with it on the festival circuit.”
Ben Smith, 4D genius.

"..fresh and original."

Geoff Wolfenden, Director of Isobel’.

"...your writing is full of colour, and your characters amusingly authentic."

Chris Ashbrook, Animator for Hanna Barbera USA. Cinematographer on ‘The Snowman feature film’.

“Congrats on such a fabulous concept and incredible team!”
Susan Cohen producer of ‘Animated American’.



Dragon are sponsoring Timothy, we will be using their premier capture software during the shoot.


With the support of Skeletoon (a trademark of Moving Puppet Studio). 

Moving Puppet are the leading french puppet animation house, specialising in movies, advertising and TV. With influences such as The Muppet Show and Sesame Street, Moving Puppet has created Gorg & Lala, a crazy series commissioned for Canal+'s new block.


ChromaColour are sponsoring 
Timothy, supplying wire to bring to life the remainding character models.


Hillingdon Borough Council of London sponsor Timothy and are supporting the project in many areas.

World Wide Attention...

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